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Who we are 

COALITION FOR DEVELOPMENT OF NORTHERN GHANA (NORTHCODE-GHANA) is a Ghanaian non-governmental organization registered with the Registrar General’s Department of Ghana under companies Act 1963 (Act 179) with registration number CG006822018  and Tax Identification Number (TIN) C0010324968 to  facilitate improved environment, lives and livelihoods for the vulnerable, disadvantage and excluded in  Northern  Ghana. Northcode-Ghana places special focus on working alongside poor women, children and local communities because, equipped with the proper resources, they have the power to help large society to escape poverty and disease. The extremely vulnerable with least economic and social opportunities are at the heart of Northcode- Ghana’s community-based efforts to improve basic education, prevent the spread of disease, promote gender equity, increase access to clean water, hygiene and sanitation, promote biodiversity Conservation and livelihoods reinforcement, Agric and food security, expand economic opportunities and protect natural resources.  

Mission, Vision and objectives

NORTHCODE’s vision is to stimulate, facilitate, support and provide resources for accelerated development of Northern Ghana. It seeks to realize its mandate through programs and projects through direct implementation and by its member-organizations in the areas of biodiversity conservation and natural resource management, Health Advocacy and Promotion, agriculture, food security, and livelihoods development as well as contributing to other sectors of sustainable human development in Ghana.

Mission: Our mission is building the capacities of communities in Northern Ghana to empower them to be responsible citizens and to be part of the decision-making process at all levels and to take advantage of the social, economic, cultural, political and environmental opportunities within their localities.

Overall objective: Our overall objective is to promote sustainable and equitable development of the deprived, poor and vulnerable societies, communities and individuals to reflect social justice in operational areas.

Our Approach  

NORTHCODE- Ghana concentrates its operation and strategic orientation on specific interventions that can yield the maximum impact in the geographical area of intervention. The mode of operation is through collaboration, integration and effective community participation. This will maximize contribution to the success in the fight against poverty, hunger, disease and disasters. Key areas of intervention include;

  1. Environmental Security, Biodiversity and Climate Change Adaptation
  2. Education and Health Promotion
  3. Evidenced based Advocacy and Research
  4. Gender Empowerment and Social Inclusion Activities
  5. Agriculture and Food security. 

Operational Regions & Districts  

The organization currently operates in four out of the five regions in Northern Ghana namely, Upper West/East, North East, Northern and Savannah Regions.  Districts in which we have activities ongoing include, West Gonja, Sawla Tuna Kalba, West Mamprusi,  Savelugu, Nanton and North Gonja Districts.  In the Upper West Region, we are currently implementing activities in the Lawra Municipal area. Activities in the various Districts are being led by the respective sector Project Officers who are the focal persons at the District level.  

Our Governance Structure.

The structure of the organization is well interlinked and coordinated to ensure efficiency in operations. NORTHCODE-Ghana is currently governed by a six member Board of Directors consisting of persons with development and professional skills who provide policy guidance and direction for project execution. The Board of Directors serves as the oversight advisory body. NORTHCODE-Ghana’s daily operations is run by a Coordinator who is additionally responsible for managing NORTHCODE’s relationships with its funding agencies, overseeing execution of NORTHCODE’s projects and managing the human and financial resources of the organization. The Coordinator sees to the execution of development activities and provides general support for effective project implementation for beneficiaries and other stakeholders. In some cases, the organization directly implements high profile initiatives while member organizations are required to use their staff to carry out all activities through NORTHCODE if partners are to implement programs.